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About The Black Cube

The long-planned development is finally coming to its final phase. Ostrava and the whole region will have a new modern information and educational institution. Our new library will be called the Black Cube and will be a space with a focus on users in all age groups and life stages.

The library is no longer defined by the number of books on the shelves, but serves as a part of everyone's living environment. The library is not only for studying, but also for working, for learning, for discussion and above all for inspiration. It is a place where you go to discover, where you go for an experience.

36 x 36 m

16 000 m²

1,2 mm of books

2027 The Beginning

What is happening
at the moment?

The Black Cube had a long journey before it started to materialise. What we have done and what lies ahead is shown in the timetable. Work is now progressing according to the set plan and the cube should be open to the public in 2027.

I want to see the whole timetable

building permit acquired


start of construction


opening of the library

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Why do we need
The Black Cube

The library is an open environment that not only presents attractive content for education, but also introduces users to new technologies and interesting topics (cultural, professional, social). It guides children and teenagers to be creative, open-minded and shows the paths people can take in building a career.

Education and Discovery

The Black Cube as a modern institution will not only function as a source of information, but as a mentor and inspirer (promoter) in the world of new technologies, knowledge and trends. It is a role that is not easily available in the region at the moment and at the same time is indispensable for the success of the region.

Modern library with cutting-edge database resources and publications

Space for study and work with a number of equipped study rooms and independent study spots

2D and 3D digitization centre with methodological and educational focus

Modern educational tools and technologies including robotics, programming, 3D printing and virtual reality

Supporting the creative industries through the Design Hub and Project Innovation Hub

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